Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Observation from Yesterday

-Clean bathrooms are nice.

-I need at least 5 pillows to be happy.  At least.

-When you call the chiropractor on Friday to make and appointment for Monday and they reluctantly schedule you because, "we may have an ice storm Sunday night and we wouldn't want to have to call you to cancel," just know they won't be happy smiling people when on Monday you can keep your appointment because the sun is shinning and the birds are singing.  True story.

-Frozen pizzas are a good idea.  A lot of the time.

-The light at 4 pm in my bedroom is very kind.  I wish our living room had that same sort of light.

-Pinatas are fun even after the candy is out of it.


  1. Jack woke up from his nap and needed some cuddles. I was looking through blogs and he loved this picture. He kept pointing and saying...something. I think he was saying "head" but the rest was gibberish. Anyway, hello from the Drays.


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