Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Newsletter

Appliances are being sold, boxes are being filled, and God is showing many blessings to us as we near the end of our support raising process. We are at 74%! We met the March 1st goal of 70% which means we were able to commit to the Spanish Language Institute's May term.
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We will be pulling out of Barakel with a moving truck on the 25th of March and we are praying we can fly out of Grand Rapids for language school right after Easter weekend in April.
Almost every weekend is booked with family and meetings with churches. We continue to trust God will fill in the rest of the weekdays and bring together the rest of our support team both financially and in prayer. As we head into the home stretch here are the things we know and things that need to be done.
What we know:
  • We have only $1,500 more a month to raise to reach 100%
  • We have a possible house to rent in Costa Rica for language school.
  • We have been given permission to purchase our plan tickets for language school.
  • We are going to be able to go on a family vacation to Florida just before all of these hard stressful life changing transitions occur.
  • In addition to individuals and families, we have a couple churches interested in taking us on financially.

What still needs to be done:
  • We have $1,500 more a month to raise.
  • We have to figure out the 1,000 little details yet to be decided.
  • We have over 1,000 more miles on the road all within Michigan.
  • Oh and did we mention we are moving our family to another city for a month before moving to another country for a year!
Its do or …..well not exactly die, but we are now committed to leaving for language school and we are trusting God will do the rest. Thanks for your love, prayers, money, and being a part of our journey.
Noah, Liz, Forrest, and Elliot
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  1. Woohoo! So exciting for you guys! We're at 68% of our support so we can relate to the excitement. Blessings to you guys! It'll be cool to see God work out all the details.


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