Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Ideas

So, you are subjected to more tear sheets.  We are making our annual trip to IKEA on Monday to help the Handcrafts lady get her supplies for the summer.  And I have been pouring over the new IKEA catalog for ideas.  Here's some of what I have come up with.  Look at them, or not.  This is really more for my records anyway.

Love the desk against the wall, the bins, the string with binder clips.  Don't love the white.  What a mess!  The shelves with drawers is cool too.  Bet I can find someone to make those for me!

Don't know what the deal with all the extra white space is.  Oh well.  Like the straw hats, and the way the photos are arranged under the shelves.

Love the red table desk!  Don't know if I am bold enough though to do a red table!

Really like the picture rail idea!  And love those sideboards.  Again, maybe I get a carpenter to make those for me!

And I like this idea, but with the Spanish Alphabet instead of the Swedish.  And instead of the doll, maybe one of those figures you find in the art department, that you can bend into all sorts of positions.  


  1. OK. When you find somebody to make you all that cool stuff (I like the shelf with drawer, too!), just have them make a duplicate set for me. How hard can that be???

    You can do the red. Your sassy. Bold. I can see it now.

  2. Do the red. I'll be so jealous.

  3. you can totally pull off the red table! especially in a dull gray room :)


  4. @Kara- Ok, but shipping from Honduras is going to kill the deal!:) And thanks for thinking I am sassy hehehe

    @Laura J- You could paint your kitchen table red...what do you think Tim would say?

    @ Lala-thanks for the confidence! You seriously are going to have to come with me to help with this all! I am pretty sure no one there is going to get my thoughts...I'll just be that ginga loca with a weird aesthetic!


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