Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Art for My Walls

Forrest has been begging to paint for days.  Days I tell ya.  And I just wasn't up to it.  I would love to think that I just drop anything for a request like "Mom, I want to create right now!"  but it's not that simple.  Because then Elliot wants to too.  And we have carpet everywhere in the house.  And there is snow outside.  And well, I just couldn't hack it this week. 

But that's why kids have two parents.  Because Noah was up for it.  And had the energy to help Forrest after Elliot went to bed one night this week.  And Papa is so much more fun with painting than Mama, because he lets Forrest use the real paints and a canvas!  None of this water painting nonsense from books.


It was an exploration in color.  Learning what colors to use to make others.  That painting usually doesn't mean doing somersaults at the same time.  And that you should wear one of dad's old shirts to paint in.  You know basic stuff.

I loved watching how intent they both were on what they were doing.    And seeing what Forrest would come up with.

And aren't those sweet in between baby and kid fingers and toes the best?  There are moments I look at him and he seems like such a big kid, and other moments where he is still a baby.  What a funny stage.

And this is the end result.  Hung up high so it doesn't get knocked over. 


  1. super adorable! i haven't tried tackling paint with levi... markers are challenging enough :)

  2. what a good daddy! and a fun new painting for your wall!!

    i understand about not being up to painting...libbs begs me to paint all the time!

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  4. Very cute! I know what you mean about the big boy/baby stage. It is so moment by moment.
    Thank you for always sharing honest snippets of every day life. I love that about your blog.


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