Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Sorta Shower

I had my bridal showers 8 years ago, and then baby showers before we had Forrest.  And then that's pretty much all ya get, right?  Unless I end up with a girl along the way, I thought I was pretty much done.

But yesterday, the women here at camp gave me another shower.  It was a surprise during our ladies' meeting.  I was so overwhelmed!  They all brought things that had to do with our relationships.  One lady made me an apron (aprons are kinda a big deal around here.)  Another found a set of Canasta cards because we have played Canasta with them since we were both raising support to come to Barakel.  Another got us Barakel rain ponchos for the rainy season.  She also gave us some Zuko which is kind of like Honduran Kool Aid and Maggi Consome de pollo ( sorta like chicken bouillon) to help us get used new things.

All this and more was put in a Barakel bag because they knew we can't bring a lot of extras.  And tucked into all the sweet memories was a card with money in it for decorating our new home in Honduras!  So wonderful to be so well known and cared for!

In a very real way, Barakel is supporting the work that is going on in Honduras through Manantial de Vida.  They have known since before we became resident missionary staff that we were here for a time to learn and grow and then we would move on to Latin America.  And they were very excited about that!  In fact, they have encouraged us not to forget that vision and to press on towards that!  They have been flexible with us having to travel more, and they are willing to keep us here until it's time for us to leave.  So amazing to see how the Body of Christ works!


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