Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Thing Ever (at Least Right Now)

A couple of weeks ago, Elliot learned how to climb out of the crib in earnest.  Oh dear.  He would get out ten to twelve times a night, and it was miserable!  He is entirely too little to be roaming at large.  And no amount of talking to, spanking, whatever would make any difference.  
So in desperation, we found they make something for this.  It's called a crib tent, and after some searching, I found one used for $30.  We got it yesterday and the thing is amazing!  The netting goes under the crib mattress and all the way up into a dome.  No way of getting out of this unintentionally.  And it's simple to get him out, just unzip the flap, just like on a normal tent!  What a blessed invention!

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  1. Cool! I thought it strange that you were having a mosquito problem this late in the season. :)


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