Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Bored

Whenever we would say that as a kid, my dad would respond with, "Congratulations!  You are on the verge of creativity!"

And he was right.  The things we ended up creating!  One time we made a grass hut.  No lie.  We got dead pine saplings from the woods, bound them together with yarn, and then hauled loads and loads of the long grasses from the gully.  It was impressive.  I think my sister still is in counseling over it.

We are getting a bit bored around here.  Forrest is on the verge of the next stage and really can't do much that he is interested in on his own.  You know, sorta like when they are about 4 months old, and want to play with toys but can't hold them yet. 

So, we are trying to find things that are interesting and that he can do with minimal help.  Today he found some tiny stuffed animals, two dogs and a horse.  And his mind started running.  He decided he wanted a wagon for them because horses pull wagons mom.

So, today durning nap time, I made wagons.  One out of a cream cheese box, and the other out of a pieced together Klondike box. 

And Forrest was quite happy when he got up!  So satisfying to make something out of nothing and express a bit of creativity in the process!

Now he's asking for a barn...hummmm, what do we have to make a barn with?


  1. You're my cool:) -JOY:)

  2. These are awesome, way to go creative mama! :)


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