Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fire Trucks and Potluck

Yesterday was an exciting day around here.  The guys had a fire meeting which meant the alarm went off to end nap time.  It also meant all the fire vehicles were out, so of course we had to go investigate.  And I was able to see some parts of camp I have never seem.  You long time Barakel people, any guess where this is?

All the trucks came roaring back to the fire barn, which was so fun for the boys.  We then went for a walk around camp to check out some of the sights.  The last lodge on West Side is getting paneled.  It's back behind Heritage Lodge, which was were Old Girls' Dorm was.

It's looking very nice!

We then headed to the dinning hall for a potluck, where Elliot couldn't sit still.  I was at a loss on what to bring, and my mother had the genius idea of cookie dough.  Fantastic! It was a hit!  And we came home with some leftovers, which will turn into real cookies.

After the meal, Fire Chief Lee explained about fire safety to the kids, and there was drawing to try fire extinguisher.

The weather couldn't have been better!  What a lovely night!


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  2. I take it you're enjoying your new camera?! It's nice to see so many photos in your posts, Liz!

  3. yes Kate, I am indeed! Don't know much of what I am doing with it yet, but enjoying it none the less!


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