Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 6 and Some Answers

Well, Forrest woke up with a temperature again today, so we called around the area and found a practice about a half hour away that would see him.  I am not sure if I mentioned over here that our doctor's office is closed until tomorrow.  It's been closed since last Wednesday.  Nice.

Anyway, the nurse practitioner took one look in Forrest's ears and said, "Wow...there's the problem!"  He has a double ear infection and one is close to bursting!  So she gave us a ten day script of amoxicillin and we are on our way.  I am glad I gave him ibuprofen all this week, since that helps with inflammation.  Only once in the last six days had he said anything about his ear hurting.  Poor kid.

He also asked for food today.  A banana, chicken nuggets, and french fries.  And I indulged the kid!  He very much wanted to go sit in the McDonald's,even telling me Elliot would need a high chair.  And as it turned out there was a cast from the local school play, all in their costumes eating lunch.  The boys thought that was highly entertaining!

So glad to have some answers!  And glad for Alexander Fleming who discovered mold killed germs!


  1. yea for answers! hopefully he'll be feeling like new very soon!

  2. sooo glad you have some answers. hooray for amox! :)

  3. I'm glad you're getting answers! It's so frustrating when you feel helpless. Are you using garlic oil in his ears? That really helps my kids with the pain.

  4. Garlic oil, huh? Haven't heard of it! Will be checking that out! Thanks for the tip

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