Friday, March 19, 2010

A Bit of Spring

We are by no means healthy yet around here.  But with the warmth so fleeting, (we are suppose to see some snow this weekend) we needed to get outside for a bit.  So while Forrest slept, Elliot come outside to explore.

Can you tell he is excited?  He wasn't walking in the fall, and so now is the time to explore everything!  He is going to be a handful this summer!

By far, Elliot's toy of choice were the great big Tonka trucks.  He played with them for almost 45 minutes.  Not saying a whole lot, just moving them around, figuring out if he could carry them or not, and putting things in there.

Look at the face!  He was all about the serious business of playing.

While he shoved and moved and figured, I enjoyed the sun in my sandals.  So sad that we missed so much of this lovely spring tease because we were all so sick!


  1. Isn't the fresh air great?!? I sure hope all those germs leave your house soon. We went through that 2 or 3 weeks ago. No fun.

    Nothing like some Tonka trucks to take your mind off being sick. :)

  2. he is simply adorable. seeing how big he is makes me sad that we didn't get to see him grow up a little - like we did with Forrest. missing you friend. get healthy!

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