Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Spot on the Web

Latin America Mission has a great website and we are now a part of it.  Check it out!

Not only do they have a description of who we are and what we are going to be doing , but there is a link back to our blog, and one to their donation page so that people can start to support us, using their credit or debit card.

As of today, everything is in place for LAM to receive donations from new supporters.  If you are a current supporter, don't switch over to LAM just yet.  You will be getting a letter soon explaining more of the transition from Barakel.

And if you don't usually get stuff in a real mailbox from us and would like to, drop me a note in my virtual mailbox with your address, and we will make sure you get on our list.

And just because I think my posts always need photos, here is one of the boys, before Noah cut their hair yesterday, which is an entirely different story with a video.


  1. those boys of yours are sooo cute!!

  2. Hey, when you were at Spring Arbor, did you know someone named Laura Seimers? Just wondering.

  3. The name sounds very familiar Jenney, and I am sure that if I saw a photo I would recognize her. Why?


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