The Kamper Update


Your breath hangs in the air as you sit inside the piece of rubber inflated with air, your tube.  It will carry you down a tremendously long hill. 

"You want to spin?"  He asks. 

"Ummm, sure?"

"Ok, hang on!"

With that you are spinning round and round as gravity takes you down the run.  The snow is in your face, you hear yourself laugh.  You finally come to a stop at the bottom, a bit dizzy, your heart racing, and laughter pouring out of your mouth. 

"That was FUN!" you shout to your friend on the second run. 

You both trudge through the snow to the tow rope and manage to lay your body on top of the line and the tube, gliding up the hill effortlessly, while you hear the screams and squeals of delight from others on their way down. And so begins your weekend at Camp Barakel.


Every weekend, from now through the beginning of March we will have groups of teens, fathers and sons, married couples, mothers and daughters, and college kids.  They have a weekend to  ice skate, cross country ski, snowshoe, tub, play broom ball and hockey.  And while all that fun is great, our real goal and prayer is that the weekend will be a time for them to get away from the everyday and be able to listen to what God might be saying to them.  They will have time in chapel, in discussion groups and in their cabins to think, talk, listen and pray.

Will you join us in praying for the campers that are coming over the next 9 weeks?  Pray that they would be able to hear what the Creator of all this fun has to say to them.  Pray that they will be obedient to what He might ask of them.

We can't do this work without you!

Because of Him,

Noah, Liz, Forrest and Elliot

P.S.  If you are wanting to see more tubing hill fun, check out this post from our blog.  There are a couple of videos that will give you a better idea of the excitement!