Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What We've Been Reading


We have several kids' Bibles around here, and I really don't like any of them.  Either the illustrations are creepy, or they are cartoony.  Most of the time, the text doesn't accurately portray what the story is about.  One we have doesn't even mention the serpent's lies, Adam and Eve's disobedient, and that forbidden fruit!

A couple of friends had mentioned the Jesus Storybok Bible to me, and I was able to get the boys it for Christmas with a gift card we had from last Christmas.

Can I just say, I LOVE this Bible?  It starts in Genesis and works through the whole Bible, laying out God's plan for Salvation.  It's written in such an easy to understand, poetic, narrative style.  Forrest has been begging to read it.  This morning he sat through 90 pages of it!  And these aren't just two or three sentence pages either.

And he is fascinated by the illustrations, asks questions, and wonders at the stories.  Since Monday, we have made it from Genesis through the beginning of Jesus' ministry!

Every story points to the coming of God's Rescuer because,"God would love his children- with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love."

It's written in such a sweet way.  Here's how the author paraphrase Jesus' teaching on prayer.

"So when you pray, pray in your normal voice, just like when you're talking to someone you love very much.  Like this...

Hello Daddy!
We want to know you.
And be close to you.
Please show us how.
Make everything in the world right again.
And in our hearts too.
Do what is best- just like you do in heaven,
And please do it down here too.
Please give us everything we need today.
Forgive us for doing wrong, for hurting you.
Forgive us just as we forgive other people
when they hurt us.
Rescue Us!  We need you.
We don't want to keep running away
and hiding from you.
Keep us safe from our enemies.
You're strong, God.  You can do whatever you want.
You are in charge.  Now and forever and for always!
We think you're great!
Yes we do!"

It's been so fun to share this with Forrest!  And I'll admit, sometimes I have been caught off guard at the wonder of the stories and the portrait of God's love for us.  A couple of times, I have wound up in tears, with Forrest asking why is mama crying?

Because of that, "Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love" of God, honey.  That's all.


  1. we just got this for levi. we'd heard really great things about it and i found it the day after thanksgiving over 1\2 off.
    it's wrapped and under the tree, and while i know it'll be a while, i'm excited to have a good bible on hand as he gets a little older.

    i'm glad you like it. that makes me feel even better about the purchase! :)

  2. we just got that for the girls. i'm so excited about it!


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