Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Skills

This morning Elliot made it abundantly clear that he wanted to try to eat his yogurt by himself. He was quite impressed with himself, and the results warranted him a bath at 9 am, which also made his incredibly happy. It was a good morning to be one.


  1. Love the IKEA bowl! (We have them too.)

    David is at the point where he's trying to use a spoon. He gets very excited when he is successful - even if Mommy did help. I'm doing much better with the messes with him than I did with Jenny, though. I wouldn't let her feed herself, because I didn't want a mess.

    Bathtime is fun here, too. Gotta love the smiles!

  2. Awe! We have that same high chair, and I don't know what we'd do without it. He is just a doll, SO different than when I saw him in July. He was a doll then too, but much littler!

  3. This ALMOST makes me miss that stage!!!

    So cute.


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