Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at the Kampers

Because we live in an age of transportation that makes a 200 mile round trip feasible in a weekend,  we won't be at our house on Christmas Day.  All that means of course, is that we get to celebrate as a family a bit early!

And today was the chosen morning.  What fun! Funny presents this year.  The boys got a broom and mop and sponges, because they enjoy helping when we clean.   We also have been working hard on a little kitchen for them. 

We bought the pattern from here, because after watching my husband get stressed about how it was really going to come together, buying a pattern seemed like a good option.  We use this funny stuff he found at Lowe's.  It's not wood, it's not really cardboard, and for the life of us, we can't remember what it's called.  Anyway, with the addition of some scrap fabric, a coat hanger, some wooden spools and a few S hooks from Ikea, the boys have a very manly kitchen.  Which they attacked with gusto this morning.  Forrest even cooked us up a giraffe for breakfast.

Noah got me a cheese making kit.  I know, I know. Remember, I have already admitted I am a bit out there.  But honestly, here was my reasoning.  We get milk for free here at camp.  What a huge blessing!  Now that both boys are drinking cow's milk, we go through gallons.  I have been making our own yogurt for about 10 months now.  So, I thought a mozzarella and ricotta kit would be a good intro to cheese making.

I was able to open my present early, because it came with a big REFRIGERATE sticker on it.  So, I have been trying to make cheese.  This really is a whole other post, with all the problems I have encountered, but I do want to share quick that I was successful with the ricotta!  And I will be using it to make our Christmas lasagna today!

So, here's to a day of jammies, Christmas pancakes, lasagna, cheerios, matchbox cars, reading, and just being. 


  1. Love it! Definitely need to check out the pattern! Was it as easy as they make it sound? Any major glitches? how much time total? Dane would LOVE a manly kitchen too :) thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas early! ps Is your address on this blog? Want to send you a Christmas card! :) - Heidi

  2. As for the ease...I think it would have been easier with cardboard like she suggests. I could have done it by myself then. We wanted to make it sturdier, that's why we went with the nameless not quiet cardboard, but not wood either material. It was $7 for the whole thing. Price wasn't bad! Glitches, when putting it together, Noah hadn't cut the slits quite long enough, but that was easy enough to take care of with a Gerber saw.

    Our address is in the Contact section up at the top under the banner. Can't wait to see how huge the kids have gotten! Merry Christmas!

  3. God has blessed you both w/ a huge amount of creativeness. He gives us the gifts we need to do what He wants- ie going to LAm where you'll need it. Love the manly kitchen! Mom

  4. Love the kitchen! Keep us posted on the cheese, you got my interest up!


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