Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're Home

Noah's home!  He got into Detriot on Monday night around 9 pm without an issue.  Because the boys and I were able to head downstate, I got to pick him up from the airport.  We spent the night at a friend's house (by the way, they have two boys that are about 6 weeks older than our boys.  Just imagine, 4 boys under 3.)
We came back to home yesterday.  It's good to be back in our own space, everyone together.  Noah's at work today, which just about killed all of us who had to stay at home!

We've been able to talk about the trip in briefly here and there.  One of the Women Who Keep Me Sane offered to babysit sometime in the near future so we can go out and digest this all.  So much to talk through, about all that he and Wes discussed, housing, what will be easy, what will be hard. 

 I am feeling the weight of all this again.  I went through a time this summer where I was, as a friend put it, counting the cost of these decisions.  And I am back there again.  Leaving everything we have known, for something so unknown, well, it's a bit overwhelming at times.  But there is such an excitement to see how God is going to work this all out, and what is going to come of it.

So, we are back in the cold North.  As Noah left for work this morning, there was snow.  All the leaves are off the trees, have to find time in the near future to deal with the raking.  Noah mentioned how cold it was compared to Honduras.  Just look at the lush jungle!


Weird to realize that my boys will grow up with this as their woods instead of what I knew as a kid.   Can I be honest?  I am bit concerned about two boys in the jungle with a mama who doesn't know what is dangerous and what isn't.  Michigan has nothing that will kill you.  Oh, the things I am going to have to learn!




  1. OHHHH! After seeing your pictures and having spent time in a S. American rain forest...I think I am moving with you!

  2. those are some amazing pictures! i can imagine your mind is going a thousand miles a minute these days! praying for you guys!

  3. hooray for him being home! seeing the pictures reminds of the trip we took to honduras with dick and leota...

    oh and happy birthday elliot! :)


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