Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank Yous

Hummmm, I know when I took this photo this morning, I had a post brewing in my head, but somewhere in the changing diapers, rotating laundry, making lunch, referreeing brothers, and listening to my husband's description of the next two sementary classes he is going to take, whatever had started to peculate got dumped down the drain.

Aren't these cards lovely?  My sister, the amazing graphic designer that she is, created them for us.  I really do enjoy it.  They are such simple cards, perfect for just about anything.  Oh! I remember what I was going to tell you all!

Ok, so I was writing thank you notes this morning and I got to thinking, "I wonder how many people actually hand write, address, and stamp thank you notes anymore." 

Don't get me wrong people, I love email.  One of the best things ever invented.  But there is something about seeing someone's handwriting.  And getting something other than junk mail or bills in your mailbox.  Something quaint, and old fashioned, and personal.  

And...well, I think that's it.  It wasn't too exciting, now was it.  Oh my.  Maybe tomorrow I will have more of a brain. 


  1. And I am SO BAD about that. Horrible.

    *hangs head in shame*

  2. i'm one of those people. my fear of man is so sinfully present that i dare not offend anyone. alas, as i type this i remembered two more thank you notes that i was going to write today.

    ps - it helps if you have really cute thank you cards. i bought some unusual ones from target that always make the recipient feel like they just opened something special. :)

  3. my awesome old roomie..the graphic designer. woot

  4. The cards are beautiful.
    I always have good intentions of sending thank yous out, but I come up sorely lacking. I love to see people's handwriting, too!


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