Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mackinac Island

Yesterday, at far too early in the morning, camp was a buzz. We all headed to Mackinaw Island for the day together. Most were riding the bus, and while that would have been a great time, with a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 10 month old, that would have been almost too much fun. So we opted to drive our own vehicle and meet everyone at the ferry.

We did catch up with the bus at a rest stop and got to play with everyone in the parking lot. Noah commented that it felt something like a family reunion, a whole mass of kids, adults laughing, and just the general overall circus type feel.

After a nice ferry ride with a quick tour of the Mackinaw Bridge, we enjoyed a buggy ride up to Fort Homes for a picnic lunch. What a hoot! There was also an attempt at a group picture of sorts and then we split up for the afternoon.

We, along with the Bakers and Linsleys headed to the butterfly house, and I going to guess it took us about an hour to walk from the picnic site to the house. What with the kids, a total of 8 between the 3 families all under 7, and the stroller having to be carried down massive amounts of stairs. But we laughed and talked.

I will say that I totally brought all the wrong stuff and none of the right stuff for the trip. We should have brought the jogging stroller, or better yet, the baby backpack because Forrest just walked the whole day. We did not need the winter coats, hats and a four blankets I packed. I kind of over did it on the snacks too. Oh, and totally did not pack sunscreen and spent a good portion of the day trying to keep the kids in the shade. Elliot did fine, he got a bit brown, Forrest has some pinky cheeks, and I, of course, fried.

All in all it was a great day, and we were thoroughly exhausted on the ride home. What a fun way to spend our day off.

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