Monday, September 28, 2009

A Good Monday

It was time to get out today. With it all rainyness and what not, the plan of heading to the Lumberman's Monument didn't work. So instead we headed to Gaylord to get groceries, explore the new Meijer and get some pizza.

If you are ever in the Gaylord area and need a family friendly, great priced place to hang for a while, BC Pizza is the place. They have a great pizza buffet for about six bucks, and kids under two eat free. This particular one has a play land and they play the local Christian radio station. And I know this sounds so very weird, but it's just a peaceful place. The play land is just right for Forrest, and it's big enough for adults to climb in there (if your knees can handle it. Boy I felt old today.) We spent about an hour there today, just being us, enjoying the pizza (not bad for Midwest pizza), and playing.

Afterward, we hit up the new Meijer, just for fun. Yeah, it's bad when that is the big excitement. Elliot got a big Mylar balloon, Forrest picked out a Matchbox ambulance, and a grand time was had by all watching the fish in the pet department.

Then it was off to our normal grocery stop, where Elliot managed to loose his balloon to the heights of the Walmart ceiling. He didn't even notice, but I have been lamenting the lose of it all afternoon, because, well he really enjoys them. And I was hoping it would last through our trip downstate in two weeks. It would have been such a very good van toy for the many hours on the road. Sigh.

After the boys are down for the night, I think I am going to attempt a new granola recipe (thanks Jenn!) and enjoy some F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories on CD while I whip my kitchen into shape. Noah's plan is to do some studying for class, and to work on plans for a toy kitchen for the boys for Christmas. All while the rain pours down. Oh, and maybe a cup of hot cider will work it's way into all of this.

Have a peaceful night.


  1. Oh! I think your day turned out nice, but Lumberman's Monumenty is a GREAT place to visit. I may be prejudice is where we got engaged. If/when you do get to visit, you should turn left out of there on River Rd and visit Camp Cherith! You'll have to go on a weekend though, or else no one will be there this time of year!

  2. By "pet department" you mean "free zoo" right? I hope you found the lobster section as well.

  3. Yes, Cody, that's exactly what I mean! And no, we didn't make our way over to the lobsters, saving that for next time:)

  4. sound like a good day. that pizza place sounds very cool. and granola...yum!


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