Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok, I realized the other day that aside from the initial post about LAM and from a fledding comment about Noah going to Honduras, I really haven't said much. It's about time I got you up to speed.

In June, after a couple of months of emailing back and forth, Wes, the director at Manantial de Vida (Fountain of Life) Camp asked us to start praying about the possibility of joining them. We have been praying and thinking and talking about this a lot this summer.

Right now, Wes and Cindy are in the States and will be in the Midwest mid October. We are going to take a trip to where they are so we can actually meet face to face. Right now, we know each other through email, Facebook, and phone calls. The internet, what an amazing thing.

The current plan is for Noah to travel to Honduras with Wes at the end of October.
The goal is to explore this field as a possible place for us. Right now Wes and Cindy are the only missionary there and there is a whole lot that could happen if they had more help. The thought is that Noah could be the assistant director at the camp, which would ease Wes's load, and also allow for a lot of growth.

We are planning on attending LAM's Orientation in January, were we will get 10 days of training, help, and be offically accepted to LAM. After that, we will start raising the extra support we need to live overseas, all the while staying here at Barakel as long as God sees fit.

So, there is a whole lot spinning around in our heads, like, what type of schooling is there for our boys, where we will live, what we can take with us, how this will all work, where will the money come from....and on and on and on.

But God is in control of all that. And He is working out all kinds of details. Just being able to meet with Wes and Cindy and their kids is something we didn't think would happen at the beginning of the summer.

So there you go. Consider yourself up to speed.


  1. everything sounds so exciting. we'll be praying for you!

  2. Wow Liz! Potential change is so invigorating and undesirable all at once! I will be praying for your family and the decisions that will be made. I know how crazy it feels to life by faith. But we sure an awesome Father! Thanks for the update :)

  3. okay sorry - I also meant "serve and awesome Father"
    Goodness, can you tell that 10pm is bedtime for me! I can't speak or spell after then!

  4. Wow. I cannot wait to talk to you guys on the phone. Talk about Six Degrees of separation. One of my classmates (Erin) at Moody told me about you guys, so i stopped by your blog. You need to stop by ours to understand just how wild this story could turn out to be...It's a small world in the body of Christ.


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