Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Relatives are Coming! The Relatives are Coming!

So, one of the occupational hazards of being an English major turned history teacher, turned mother of two tiny boys is useless facts that swarm around your brain like a bunch of confused bees. Sometimes they come out when it's appropriate, sometimes not. Sometimes you can remember where they are from. Other times not.

Today, I was thinking of a phase, "The Relatives are Coming! The Relatives are coming!" well, because they are. Noah's middle brother and his family are coming today. So, with all the cleaning, laundry, and what not, my brain had just enough time to come up with this phrase. And that was it. Not where it was from, who said it, why they said it.

Then, while picking up the multitudes of books my children drag around the house, (another occupational hazard, and by the way Elliot ate one today. No, literally ate one. Oh well, fiber I guess.) I happened upon the book that it came from. And what a good one it is.

The Realtives Came by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Stephen Gammell. And it's a Caldecott too!

Wow, I kinda feel like LeVar Burton right now!


  1. I love that book! The pictures in it crack me up. I want them to adopt me.

  2. me too Rachel! I love how they all sleep over each other and the description of the sleeping sounds...and how they eat ALL the time!

  3. Liz, is that with or without Geordi's visor? (Sorry, the "Star Trek nerd" in me couldn't resist.)

  4. Dave you are funny! I was going to qualify that statement and then decided against it:) So to answer your question, without:)


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