Friday, July 17, 2009

The Phyiscal

I have been reading this book this week, it's taking a lot longer than I thought for a couple of reasons. 1. I keep getting interrupted. 2. We are working on very little sleep around here, and 3. There is such good stuff in here, I am rereading to make sure I really get it.

Here is one we came across the other day.

" One aspect of life is not more Christan than another. So it's Christian to enjoy a juicy melon. That is because I am eating, it is a real event, and I'm made so that I enjoy cool melon on a hot day. It is Christian to put my arm around someone to love or comfort them. That is because this is a way human beings relate, show they care, enjoy each other."*

Noah and I talked about this for a while. So often we, as in all of us, separate in our mind the spiritual from the physical. And somehow make the physical bad, or not as good. That if we really were super spiritual we wouldn't need the physical pleasures in life.

This is so very wrong. God made the physical, the pleasures of a good meal, of the warm sun on our skin, of sweet kisses from the ones we love. He called all of that good. We are physical and God wants us to enjoy the good things He has given us.

Enjoy that great cup of coffee, that late night snuggle and song, a great work of art, or a stunning piece of music, all while thanking God that He made us to enjoy it all. For if we, those who know Christ and can live life to the full, don't enjoy these things, who can?

*Macaulay, Susan Schaeffer, For the Children's Sake (1984) p. 20


  1. i like this. a lot. must look up that book at the library.

  2. Thanks you. ~Cathy

  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!


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