Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not So Little

This little darling isn't so little. Sigh. Yesterday I found a tooth had poked its sharp little head through his bottom gums. That might explain the five times he was up the night before. Which makes me hopeful that he won't be a fitful teether. Forrest never was.

Trying to get a photo of that little ridge was next to impossible, especially since Elliot was trying to eat the camera.

Here is the other thing. Elliot is now mobile. He has been getting faster and stronger at this army crawl thing, and honestly, he has more dexterity some days then Forrest! Elliot is in to everything. He is our determined investigator. Where Forrest pulls back and gets nervous, Elliot charges ahead. Amazing how different they are!


  1. I feel your pain. Anna is a crab apple today, I think she's working on more teeth on top. So happy she's napping right now!

  2. Before you know it, he'll be flushing the camera down the toilet. Or tossing it in the garbage. Be glad he's just trying to eat it right now. :D

  3. yes, it is amazing how different each of your/my/anyone's kids are. so fun to see the differences.

  4. hooray for teeth and army crawling! levi has figured out he should be able to do something on his hands and knees, but he doesn't know what so he flails them wildly hoping something will happen... :) it doesn't


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