Monday, July 27, 2009


We try to make Monday somewhat special around here. And as the summer goes on, I can tell Noah needs to get off of camp more and more. Local family fun is somewhat limited, but today we headed into Mio. There were library books that needed to be dropped off, new ones to picked out, and a McDonald's picnic seems appropriate. I think Forrest enjoyed the whole time. While eating his lunch, he said clear as a bell, "Chicken nuggets are the bomb!" Oh my.

We ate by the Ausable River and then took a nice walk up to see the Mio dam. Like I said, not a whole lot to do around here. But really the walk was just the right length for the boys. And we still had time to visit the library.

The big unexpected was that there was road construction. It was amazing to see all the traffic! I know, I know, makes me sound like an old farm wife, but who knew Oscoda county had this many cars! Of course, the construction was quite exciting for the two year old. In fact, after we passed it all, he wanted to read his book, Easy Street.

It was a good late morning, early afternoon trip. Noah and the boys are all taking naps now and my next project to create something yummy for dinner...hummmm


  1. sounds like a very nice family day...and i love forrest's little sentence about the chicken nuggets!

  2. I think that McDonalds is my worst enemy and best friend wrapped into one. Enemy: James is addicted and announces "Hona-Dongals is wite der momma!" whenever we drive by one...and trust me, I am not that into giving my kids processed foods.
    Best Friend: On occasion if I need to grab something quick and don't have much cash (ok, that is always the case) there is one EVERYWHERE!


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