Monday, June 1, 2009


The last few days have been full of big things. Yesterday the inspector came to check out the zipline. We past! Hurray! What a load off of Jeremy's mind! This has been his baby. He designed it, hunted down the parts, dealt with all the stress of it. And it past! Way to go man!

Today was the training for the facilitators. They started stinking early this morning with class time, and praise the Lord, the rain quit by the time they were out at the tower. 8 full hours of class time, instruction, and practice. Noah called me after his first run down the line, told me how it was and then said, "so I need to go down a few more times, for practice ya know...heheheh."

Noah is studying as I write for the testing tomorrow morning. And he thought he was done with exams for the summer. Ha.

I wasn't able to get out to the fun today to get photos. And even if I could have, I wouldn't have been able to drag both boys up the tower with me during the training, so thanks to Paul Gardener and Jeremy Linsley for the photos of the fun.

Here's a fun fact. The inspector/ trainer said that our zipline is higher and longer than most. There was even something mentioned about having to leave the country to find one comparable. I can't wait to try it! However, not sure when that is going to be. Another interesting fact, I have lived here through two winters now and have only been down the tubing hill about three times. So, like I said, we'll see when I get to try the zipline.

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