Friday, May 22, 2009

Once Upon a Time

There was a sweet little prince. This prince loved cars, birdies and milk. He loved to play outside, go for walks in the stroller and help with laundry.

One day, the prince was outside and decided that the abundance of yellow flowers were just right for picking and that his mama needed some. He worked very hard, getting his chubby little fingers around each one, and with that satisfying "pop" pulled the heads, by far the most beautiful part of the flower, off the stems.

He worked and worked, until his little hand was full of flowers. He then walked very deliberately over to his mama and said, "floers for mommy!" as he threw all the contents of his hand at her. The flower heads cascaded down on his mama, and as they fell to the ground, she scooped them up and tucked them away into her heart, along with the picture of his chubby knees, the sound of his little lisp, and a memory of that determined look.

The End.


  1. Precious! Isn't it crazy how weeds can be so treasured when presented by your child?


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