Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Cones

Yesterday was the second annual Memorial Day Ice Cream Trip to Mio with Noah's Assistant. Melissa is with us again this year, and can I just say Hurray! She is a great help to Noah and our family during the summer. And since she was here early, we had a "meeting" at The Parlor in Mio.

Our boys don't get ice cream. By that I don't mean they don't understand it. I mean their mama doesn't let them have it. Oh someday, but when they are so very, very happy with an empty cone, why ruin that? Elliot pounced on his like a cat on a mouse...holy cow kid! And it was gone in the course of a few minutes. Forrest, on the other had took his sweet time with it, savoring every last morsel.

By the way, has anyone ever had Key Lime Pie ice cream? Pretty stinkin amazing!


  1. your kids haven't had ice cream?!?

    oh my...i can't imagine annelise not knowing what it is. she LOVES it!

  2. oh the parlour... the knock off that it is :) and uh yeah... no ice cream? good for you mama! i've already let levi lick ice cream off of my finger... i probably shouldn't be, huh.....


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