Monday, April 6, 2009

Tiempo para una Fiesta

Oh, what a grey, grey day it is here!

This is totally a side note, but when I wrote grey, the spell checker said it was wrong. I double checked it, and turns out, I use the British spelling...just one of the pitfalls of being an English major.

Being that it is so very grey, or gray, or gris or whatever, we needed some colour (there I go again) and fun around here. We are having friends over for dinner tonight,

so, we broke out the Bolivian tablecloth,

the multi coloured peppers I spluged on,

and the mango and strawberries.

It's most definantely tiempo para una fiesta!


  1. I'm loving all the colors! Your blog is so cheery today!
    This snow can GO AWAY.

  2. I, too, nearly always write "grey".

  3. I'm slow at commenting, but your food and table look so inviting! I want to come to dinner :) I think I'm going to buy some colorful food today and make a fun dinner like you. I know, I'm a copycat.

  4. hey most of my good ideas I stole from someone else!

  5. Oh and Pam, you are welcome anytime for dinner! Just make sure to bring James and the kids!


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