Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stream of Conscious

So tonight, around 9 pm, Forrest woke up. He usually goes to bed around 7 and sleeps straight through till morning. However, tonight he apparently had to process out loud with someone because today was so very very interesting and different.

Noah's brother Jeff, his wife Michelle and sons Collin and Zach were here for the day. They came last night after Forrest was in bed, so when he woke up they were here. Anyway, here is the stream of conscious about our day from the mouth of an almost 2 year old snuggled on his mama's lap, in the sweet darkness of his room with a ni night wrapped around him...

Collin...uncle Jeff...Michelle...Michael inda bus (mama note: Michael is one of his Little People, and Forrest has a little people bus) play zebras...griffas...two griaffs...two giraffs (sorry to interupt again, zebras and giraffs don't wander our home, again these are Little People animals that frequently get to ride in the bus too.)eat...mouth...bite it now...try it now...bite it...grapes...melon...tiger cheese...juice...mommy...daddy...Elliot...Forrest...daddy home...

Can you tell the impactful parts of the day? What a sweet kid!

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  1. I have had very similar conversations in the middle of the night! Isn't it fun?!?


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