Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, my whole "blogging every other day" thing isn't working out too well...but it's a goal, so we will keep trying.

It's been busy around here. My mom came for a few days to help me out, then she transitioned to a junior high youth sponsor. My dad was up this weekend as well to help out.

We also had friends from Chicago come to couples' retreat and they spend some time with us on Saturday. So fun to catch up and meet Jeremy's new wife (Hi Erin! Hope you had a good trip home and are enjoying that puppy!)

Hang on, Veggie Tales is still on and both boys are in bed...I don't need to be listening to that anymore...ahhh, that's better, now I have Sarah Groves on, Conversations, yes Kara, I am still listening to it...2 months straight...I know, I'm weird.

Ok, where was I, Sunday, we had friends over in the evening, so nice. And yesterday was the ladies' fondue part. What a weekend.

This morning I tackled some more communications and paper work, dealt with screaming boys, and sleep training. I still need to pick up the house, read for Bible study tonight and get dressed.

These are the signs of Life.


  1. You're not weird! That's how I feel about my Selah CD's. I can't believe they still work.

  2. I listen to my old old Cindy Morgan CD over and over. We all have the one we love and that gets us calmly though the busiest of days.

  3. Hi Liz! Thanks for the shout-out. :) And thanks for including the snapshot of your desk as well as snapshots from your life -- God has definitely been teaching me to chill out more when things aren't perfectly in order, to focus on what he focuses on: people!


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