Friday, February 20, 2009

All Domestic and Stuff

Today I finished what I hope will be a good diaper bag...I haven't found one I really like for 2 itty bitties...we'll see.

Forrest and I also made tortillas for dinner tonight. I might even try to make elephant ears for dessert...again, we'll see.

Tonight Noah will be in camp a good chunk of evening, and I have a couple of fabrics that have been sitting around for years that need to be made into skirts before we head to more time, everyone together now, we'll see.


  1. yeah, let me know if you hear anything.. i keep my eyes peeled as well, and put out my feelers...
    i'll let you know if i find anything as well.

  2. hey liz.. i was looking at bumgenius' website and they said on their website to place a piece of fleece between the bum and the diaper, and then you can use the creams... i'm going to make a phone call to the place we bought our diapers at, see if they have a suggestion

  3. So you have little ones and STILL find time to sew?!?! I have just about given up!

  4. I totally need to know how to make tortillas! AND YES I love that you can give me a hard time from MILES away. It crackes me up! We can't wait to see you!


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