Monday, December 15, 2008


This post is so disjointed. A little of this, a story from the weekend, a little of that. I guess just think of it as a picture of my brain function these days...flittering from one thing to another and not really getting anything done.

I finally finished a pair of socks! I used some of my Christmas money last year to get started, bought a book, some really granola bamboo needles, and some granola wool yarn, or fiber... I think that's what a granola mom is suppose to call it. (Granola mom...someone who likes things like baby wearing, cloth diapers, making her own granola...and yes I aspire to that. Blame it on my hippy earthmother mom.)

Wow...what a rabbit trail. I told you this was disjointed.

I started these socks for my sister's birthday in about March. Yah...I just finished the second sock this weekend. So, La, you will be getting your birthday present at Christmas. Sorry about that.

Yesterday we went to church in Saginaw. Yep, that would be a 2 hour drive from camp, but this won't become a normal thing. Immanuel Bible Church decided they wanted to buy Christmas presents for camp staff this year and they had an amazing potluck for us after church! And check out this incredible tree...complete with rusty metal woodland animals, mini blockhouses and twigs and stuff stuck in everywhere! If I ever go back to putting ornaments of the tree, this is how mine will look!

We were stunned with the church's generosity. The presents for staff stretched from one end of the room to the other! Amazing!

Funny Internet story about the day...

I have a friend in Holland who has a blog. She used to go to this church (I think). I browse her blog list every once in a while...ok, almost everyday. Anyway. She has a link to a friend who attends Immanuel and I met her yesterday. So funny, because we both said we felt like we knew each other already due to the blog. So weird, this Internet thing!

Elliot is smiling more and more everyday. Good to remember how sweet he is because last night was not a good night in the Kamper home...Elliot was up ever 2 hours! Screaming at the top of his lungs...that does not make for happy kampers the next day!

Ok, I need to get my rear in gear. I have a ton to accomplish today. My week is going to be crazy and I think I need to write it all down here, simply so I can figure it, you can listen in on my mental processing, or you can leave now, you won't miss much!

Home-finish packing stuff to take to lodge, make pancake mix, keep boys happy and fed, get dressed, general pick up

Drop Forrest at Bakers, Elliot and I head to Alpena. Eye doctor appointment, OB appointment (oh joy.) Grab a few last minute things at Walmart...because every trip to civilization requires stopping there.

Last minute packing and organizing in the lodge. Make sure the heat is on, food is there, sheets and towels are ready to go. Staff Christmas Party at night!

Vacation starts! Noah is home, Kamper Clan starts to arrive and we relax.


  1. hm...i must be the friend - and yes we did go to that church, before mark was pastor there. actually, my family still attends there. and let me met kara veihl? :) i didn't know her when we lived there, but she's like family now - since she very good friends with all of my family/friends from that church.

  2. I want everybody to be my friend. That is my problem. Thank you for obliging me!!! You family is so sweet and cute- even more so in real person! I wish I could have talked to you more, but it really was nice to meet you. :)

    I was going to ask you where you had the baby, was that also in Alpena? I take for granted having Covenant at my doorstep.

  3. Yep Rach, you are the Holland friend...good guess. And we talked with your aunt and uncle yesterday...Phil reminds me so much of your mom! Too funny.

    Yeah Kara, it would have been nice to talk more...maybe next time. Do you guys ever get up to camp?

    And yes, I did have Elliot in hour a way. But I was induced, so I didn't have an hour drive in labor!

  4. yeah for christmas busyness. :) glad you guys are doing well.. and again.. thanks for the christmas card entertainment :)

  5. I prefer the term "natural parenting" rather than "granola mom". It sounds so much more hip and sophisticated, don't you think? :-)

  6. thanks, liz! sounds like you guys are keeping busy as well! i also aspire to be a more natural mama...

  7. You asked if we ever get up to camp- no we do not, sad as that is. Casey works at a restaurant so he works a good share of the weekend, and I am always pregnant (it feels like!) and I get nervous to travel far. I would love to come up some spring for one of those clean-up weekends!


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