Friday, November 28, 2008


Ah yes...the great American road trip!

Yesterday we loaded up the boys (How fun! I can say boys now!) and headed to Traverse City for Thanksgiving "Break". Noah's mom got free passes to the water park at Great Wolf Lodge, and so instead of turkey, we hit the water. Forrest was a bit overwhelmed by the whole place, but showed a lot of courage and eventually enjoyed himself. Elliot slept through the whole thing in the sling with mom.

After an afternoon of playing in the "Wawa"
it was time for an oatmeal bar and milk

I love it when babies cross their eyes!

The whole family! (I was very proud of this shot!)

Today was Thanksgiving for us. All of Noah's brother and their families were here and there are now 5 kids under January there will be 6 under 5!

We are still debating what will happen for a good chunk of the day tomorrow, but there will be a 2 year old birthday party in the evening, complete with pizza and the toddler set playing.


  1. what fun! i had a couple of students heading to a hotel. instead of staying at grandma's, they were staying in a place with a pool which well, were very excited about!! :) oh and random.. today, walking through jackson crossing, and there in front of me is jon ford with his nice bright orange coat on... he, stacy, and the kids were in town for thanksgiving with dick and leota, but not who i was expecting to see in the mall shopping the day after thanksgiving!

  2. sounds like a fun day. those boys of yours are so adorable!


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