Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

To make things extra exciting for the kids at camp, we had all kinds of actives to celebrate our country's birthday. There was face painting to "decorate your tribe."

Forrest was a bit disturbed the face painting,
so we tried to paint his foot instead...he still was disturbed.

We also ate supper out by the flag pole and listened to all kinds of Americana music. There were even red, white, and blue cupcakes and a rousing tug of war tournament. Truly American!

Noah and Kieth, the cook, serving the cupcakes

Forrest helping get the music set up on the fun cart

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  1. sounds like a wonderful 4th! i love the pictures. forrest is getting so big. he's such a cutie pie! when is his bday? i looked up a pattern for a ring sling and plan on trying to make one some time before the baby comes. as for the insurance. i don't qualify for jonathan's work insurance yet...and even when i do and if i can get them to accept my pregnancy as not pre-existing, it's extremely expensive just to add me on the policy. i really hate insurance! and medical care is ridiculously expensive. i applied for state insurance (like michigan's medicaid) and was denied. they said we make too much money. i'd like them to take a look at our paychecks and our bills and tell me we make too much after that! i am going to do some research online now that we have our internet FINALLY working today! thanks so much for your input and advice. oh yes, we've been here about 3 weeks. looking for a group to worship with. i met someone yesterday from michigan...she's a teacher and been here 3 years and she hates it. she still doesn't really know anyone and she's been involved in a church and such. we'll see.


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