Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daddy Hat

It seems that the identifying with Dad has started with Forrest. Is a 14 month old too young for that? I am not sure. However, I do know that this morning over a breakfast of scrambled eggs, rice cakes, and veggie juice, Forrest defiantly asked to wear his hat that is very much like the ones that Noah wears. He was insistent on it.

A little background on hats and Forrest. Last year he was given a kaki hat. He wore it with no problems and we all loved that it looked like his dad's. He obviously out grew it and I have tried all spring to find a new bigger one. Apparently this style was last season's, because I couldn't find a single one! I brought home a couple of bucket hats, only to have it be a battle every time he needs to wear one. Around camp, hats are a necessity, more for gnats than sun.

Yesterday, a friend brought this particular hat over because her son had outgrown it. Forrest saw it after his nap and began signing "hat" and saying "dada." I put it on him and there was no tears, whining, pulling...nothing! He kept it on all afternoon. All through dinner, he kept talking about it, pointing to it, and looking for it. And then there was breakfast this morning. He wore his hat until nap time.

Now, my problem...this hat fits ok right now, but I am not sure how long it will work. I have looked everywhere, including online at the stores where the two beloved hats came from. If you have any leads on where I can get a bigger one, please let me know!


  1. thanks for the encouragement with nursing. i'm still nursing her, she just gets hungry again so quickly i have been supplimenting with formula twice a day. i love nursing, so i'm going to keep it up until she's a year at least. so cute about forrest and the hat! he's such a cutie! love that ring sling, too...i really want to try one of those with this new baby.

  2. about the hat...i'll keep my eye out at some thrift stores. have you tried craigs list or ebay?

  3. i'm glad he's doing better as well!! :) it has been a long crazy week. we are doing well and definitely under summers way. we are going camping this next weekend which i'm looking forward to! we've been busy with our garden as well.. hope camp is going well.... the Lord always brings it to mind on thursdays for some reason.. :) praying for the season!


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