Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Noah is feeling much better and he doesn't look as speckled anymore!

In other news,

Today, for the first time in longer than I care to admit, I vacuumed. As I started, Forrest scooted as fast as he possibly could over to the vacuum! He was fascinated by it! He followed me all over the house (no joke!) trying to hold on to the vacuum! Who would have thought? Kids are funny!


  1. yeah for having for more energy! :)

  2. that's great you had some more energy! and too cute about forrest following you around! when liberty was little she was scared of the vacuum, so i packed in her in carrier and got her used to it while i vacuumed. leila, on the other hand, is practically oblivious to the vacuum (funny b/c she is a very sensitive girl to other sounds).


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