The Kamper Update

Another year at camp is done.  The last of the campers and volunteers are gone.  We rounded out the fall with our Lumber Jack and Jill weekend with close to 30 volunteers helping us prepare camp for winter.  The ski racks are out, the snow shovels and sand buckets standing ready for those first flurries.  Now for a few months of maintenance and preparing for winter retreats. 

Thank you for your prayers over the last six months of ministry.  We have had over night guests on the property every night since May.  We were able to share the Gospel with close to 2000 campers this summer and many more this fall.

In other big news,  Noah is on his way to Honduras.  He flies out of Detroit Metro tomorrow (October 27th) at 7:30 am.  He should arrive in San Pedro Sula around 2 pm Honduran time. He is traveling with Wes Williamson, a LAM missionary who is the director at Campamento Manantial de Vida (Fountain of Life Camp).

Back in June, Wes asked us to begin praying about the possibility of joining them at Manantial de Vida.  Noah's goal is explore this possibility more and get a better picture of what life might look like if we moved there.  As you can imagine, this is a big week for a lot of reasons.  Noah will be in Honduras, talking, praying, and exploring, while Liz and the boys are staying at Barakel.  As you think of us, please pray with us for

                                Wisdom and discernment for Noah as he is in Honduras

                                Safety for Noah and Wes

                                Good days and nights for the boys and Liz.  Seven days is a long time without Daddy.

If you have questions about Honduras, about how God is leading our family, or anything else, please drop us a note or give us a call!  We would love to talk with you about it all!

Because of Him,

Noah, Liz, Forrest and Elliot